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The world's first pop up 360° LED Photo Booth
Fotopod is officially lit!

Will the Fotopod Booth fit in our event? It’s a tight space!


Yes. The only space we could not fit Fotopod was on a yacht. (Other obstructions are low ceiling fans/chandeliers, mud, grass, and hot volcanic rocks) Click here to see our recent FB galleries!

Your package comes complete with our patented, inflatable “16 million color” LED glowing Fotopod booth…that holds up to 17 people! Our photographic 360º “softbox” lighting technology will BLOW your mind! Check out below to see what our rental package includes.



Beauty is in the eye of the prop holder.

Impress your guests with the FOTOPOD open-style setup, complete with omni-directional studio lighting. Our Hollywood production style 8.5 x 8 ft curved backdrop will make your photos POP! Package includes professional custom designed backgrounds to match any theme. Up to 8 guests per session. Add +$150 for Green Screen Setup



Designed for events with tighter spaces and smaller budgets. This professional soft box backdrop comes complete with Fotopod’s dazzling custom LED-illumination experience. Fotopod “mini” measures 7ft x 8ft, and can fit up to 10 guests.

We only ROCK our latest, cutting-edge Photo Booths at your events!

Let us hear about your next event!

Don't you hate complicated packages and confusing add-ons?


The Booth

Choose: 1) patented glowing Popup LED Cube 2) curved backdrop Open booth 3) Fotopod Mini LED Open Booth.

Our inflatable-booth membrane is lit by internal waterproof and shatterproof custom LED-light panels.  Simply speaking, with this setup, anyone can customize their own lighting mood! Guests have control over 16,000 colors to choose from using the touchscreen monitor. The colors are bright, vivid, and natural which brings the photo to a higher level of quality. The booth measures 7 feet wide by 8 feet high.  Fotopod Booth is designed for large groups. Up to fourteen people can fit inside. There is a peek-boo-window and a roof skylight for proper light and air ventilation. The structure is supported by an internal metal frame. It is also wheelchair accessible. You also have the choice of holding your venue indoors or outdoors. (Due to safety concerns, we cannot hold events on grassy or sandy surfaces)

The Photo Machine

This award-winning photographic beautifying machine is at the heart of the Fotopod setup.

The Photo Kiosk machine helps and directs guests in taking their photo. It folds in half and sets up in no time. The housing contains a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) quality camera, two touchscreen monitors and a dimmable LED accent lighting panel. Step-by-step instructions will appear on the kiosk screen. The guests will no longer need to bend down or stand up on chairs or benches since this machine has a built-in electric height lifter.  The machine will adjust to your height at a touch of a button. With our Photo Station, guests will spend more time posing and having fun, and less time trying to fit everyone into the picture. Our machine can also rotate 180° to take photos of even larger groups of people.

The iPad Pro Station

Treat your guests to instant photo gratification. You can't have a Party without the social.

The iPad station serves two purposes.

  • 1) It shuttles guests away from inside the booth, therefore, there are no more long lines waiting to take your picture.
  • 2) With the popularity of social media, guests have the ability to view all of the event pictures, edit/delete, and instantly send them to Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  • New!! Choose the GIF animation add-on, and view your animated photos straight on the iPad! You can now share it with your friends and family instantly! No more sleepless nights waiting for your photos to be emailed to you. We are all about instant accessibility!
The Custom Graphics

we are professional designers. Our job is to create the highest quality visuals you can imagine.

Your custom graphics and logos will be designed and then programmed  into your photo printouts, iPad Station Overlay, and touchscreen splash page. Need a logo to be placed on your printed photos? Yes, we can. Need a certain hashtag displayed for all your guests to see? Yup, all included. We don’t stop shop ’till your happy with your customized prints and graphics. Please call or email us with some of your ideas or theme, and Fotopod Booth will spice it up!

The Unlimited Prints

We offer professional quality prints using Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (also known as D2T2).

This is a high-end technology of digital printing. This is not your mother’s ink jet printer. Your prints have a special over coating, a type of waterproofing, which greatly lengthens the photo storage time up to 100 years. Prints are developed within 12 seconds. (Imagine, high quality prints for your following generations to enjoy!) You can also choose from many print template options.

The "Live-view" Experience

“Live-View” is definitely a cool gathering place for guests to view The Booth Action in real-time.

Our live-view monitor serves two purposes.

  • 1) Guests waiting outside the booth can see a “live” real-time display of what’s happening on the inside.
  • 2) The monitor can switch into screen-saver mode and has the capability of showing a dynamic slideshow of the event photos.
The Chest Full of Props

What is a photo booth without the addition of props? *Note* Can be restricted or retracted due to Covid.

We visited the many Hollywood studio prop shops in order to bring you a vast array of party props, cool hats, colorful boas, etc. To say the least, we have more props on a stick than you can shake a stick at! In addition, we made certain that all of our props can be safely handled by children.

The USB Thumbdrive

A flash drive will be given to you at the end of the event with all the photos.

A personalized, “dynamic” slideshow music video can also be created on-site after the event for an additional fee. Just advise us ahead of time. Book now and receive a USB camera flash drive at no extra charge!

The "Red Carpet" Treatment

This is your party! Let Fotopod Booth bring some bling, elegance, and a touch of Hollywood glamor.

We will touch base with you ahead of the event and go over your space requirements before we bring our stanchions (for crowd control), and our red carpet treatment.

The On-Site Attendants

It's all about service with a smile! One or two knowledgeable on-site attendant(s) will be there.

The attendants main mission is to setup, breakdown, operate the Fotopod Booth, and answer any guests’ questions. Our goal is to make sure your event runs safely and smooth.

About the Project

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Choose from three different tiers! With our Fotopod Booth packages, you can get it ALL!

Prices fluctuate depending on weekday, weekend and seasonal availability. If you have a coupon code or discount flyer, we will be happy to honor that. Go ahead and take a moment to call us now. We will do our best to offer you a super rate for your next event date.


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