The 360°ORB [PARALAX] Essential-Bundle Includes:

• 360°ORB-Powered Proprietary Direct-Drive Planetary Motor Assembly ( 12V DC, 60 KG/CM Torque Rating)
• Custom CNC-Machined Pancake Slip-Ring for Continuous DC 5V 4A Type-C Power Pass-Through
• Built-in Neodymium Magnetic Clutch Safety Collision Detection System with Interchangeable Magnets
• Variable 6-Speed Motor Control Receiver with 1.8″ inch White LED Segment Display
• One(1) piece: 4-Button Remote Control Wireless Transmitter Key Fob (Auto + Manual Programmed)
• Triple-pole Arch Truss Structure with Metal Base Plates & Carry Bags
• Two(2) pieces: Long Arm(1) + Short Arm(1), Curved Aluminum Spinning Arm with Dynamic Counter-Weight Kit
• AC/DC/12v 10a Main Power Adapter
• Ulanzi Model:U200 Customized LED Ring Light Capable of 5600K Temperature @ 2X Brighter than Stock
• 360° Rotating Panoramic Ball-Head Mount with Arca-Type Quick Release plate (18 lbs Max Load)
• Universal VESA Monitor Mount for 17-43 inch LCD LED Panels (44lbs/20 kg Max Load)**
• One(1) Month Free 360° Software from Touchpix App
• Free Industry Leading Customer Service and Support

• Included all zippered cover carry bags/hard-shell road cases to protect your equipment. (See Additional information below for packing list and details).

**External Monitor Panel not included

Packing List

L/W/H in cm. 4 Pcs total. 1)117x34x34 23kg, 2)46x42x25 20.4kg, 3)114x28x24 8.7kg, 4)102x39x5 14.2kg

Total 360 ORB Unit

Width x length = 8ft x 8ft (244 x 244 cm) Height = 8.8 ft (268 cm)

Total Weight

60 lbs (27.2 kg)

Comes included with 3 total carry and protection bags/road cases.

2pcs large carry bag with luggage wheels and metal frame.
1pc Hard Shell ATX road case for motor system, counterweights, and LED controllers.


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