The 360°ORB [PARALAX] Pro-Bundle


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The 360°ORB [PARALAX] Pro-Bundle Includes:

• 360°ORB-Powered Proprietary Direct-Drive Planetary Motor Assembly ( 12V DC, 60 KG/CM Torque Rating)
• Custom CNC-Machined Pancake Slip-Ring for Continuous DC 5V 4A Type-C Power Pass-Through
• Built-in Neodymium Magnetic Clutch Safety Collision Detection System with Interchangeable Magnets
• Variable 6-Speed Motor Control Receiver with 1.8″ inch White LED Segment Display
• Two(2) pieces: 4-Button Remote Control Wireless Transmitter Key Fob (Auto + Manual Programmed)
• Triple-pole Arch Truss Structure with Metal Base Plates & Carry Bags
• Two(2) pieces: Curved Barrier Enclosure with Zippered Spandex Tension Fabric Cover & Carry Bag (Custom Branding optional*)
• Two(2) pieces: Long Arm(1) + Short Arm(1), Curved Aluminum Spinning Arm with Dynamic Counter-Weight Kit
• 6FT (180cm) Diameter Anti-Slip Red Circular Rug (Custom Branding*)
• 360° Full Array, Six(6) Pieces DC24V White + RBG Addressable Dual-Diffusion LED Pixel Tube Lighting. 16 Million Colors. (9000 Lumens @ 1.5Meters)
• Four(4) pieces 360° Swivel Tripod Ball-Joint to Tube-Light Mount attachment with Arca-Type Quick Release Plate.
• Waterproof 300W AC/DC LED Power Supply with Smart-App Controller and Remote Control (DMX Controller & Rechargeable LED’s*)
• Multi-Port AC/DC/USB 50,400 mAh Lithium Battery Power Station with Built-in LED Panel Light & Charging Adapter
• Ulanzi Model:U200 Customized LED Ring Light Capable of 5600K Temperature @ 2X Brighter than Stock
• 360° Rotating Panoramic Ball-Head Mount with Arca-Type Quick Release plate (18 lbs Max Load)
• Universal VESA Monitor Mount for 17-43 inch LCD LED Panels (44lbs/20 kg Max Load)**
• One(1) Month Free 360° Software from Touchpix App
• Free Industry Leading Customer Service and Support

• Included all zippered cover carry bags/hard-shell road cases to protect your equipment. (See Additional information below for packing list and details).

**External Monitor Panel not included



Packing List

L/W/H in cm. 6 Pcs total. 1)117x34x34 23kg, 2)46x42x25 20.4kg, 3)114x28x24 8.7kg, 4)102x39x5 14.2kg, 5)183x15x15 6.7kg, 6)180cm diameter rug

Total 360 ORB Unit

Width x length = 8ft x 8ft (244 x 244 cm) Height = 8.8 ft (268 cm)

Total Weight

80 lbs (36.3kg)

Comes included with 5 total carry and protection bags/road cases.

2pcs large carry bag with luggage wheels and metal frame.
1pc 3x5ft large bag to hold the Curved barrier poles for easy transport.
1pc Bag for LED tube Lights.
1pc Hard Shell ATX road case for motor system, counterweights, and LED controllers.


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