Did you know we created Fotopod Booth for the vertically challenged?

Upgrade your photo booth system to our latest and greatest Photo Machine v2.08 or the very portable, but powerful v3.0 “mini.” The video above shows how quickly Fotopod Booth owners can attach the printer tray shelf that can hold up to 35 pounds of weight!

Also available since v2.02 is an ingenious “dual” electric lifting column system. So basically, if one column fails (has not happened yet!), the machine’s height can still raise and lower using the other functioning lift. When it comes to running your important events, Fotopod Booth has your back!

Question: What is an electric lifting column?

Answer: A lifting column is an electric linear actuator integrated into a stable guide. The sophisticated motor system is completely hidden inside the column.
Fotopod’s lifting columns are designed to raise and lower the main body that houses the touchscreen monitor and DSLR camera, providing a smooth, quiet and elegant movement.


Fotopod’s core focus is inventing new ways of capturing studio-style imagery, while at the same time, providing an unbelievable user-experience for all guests and clients.  To achieve this, Fotopod takes photo booth lighting seriously. We promise not to leave you in the dark! Check out our updated v2.0 bazooka flashbox option below. This add-on is recommended if you plan on doing open booth setups for extra lighting power. The unit houses an ac-powered mono-flash capable of .05 to 3 seconds refresh rates. Backup flash units can be easily replaced and purchased online through Amazon.com or from Fotopod.

The flashbox attaches to the Fotopod Machine using strong magnets. The white “diffusion” front cover also houses magnets. You can snap on multiple filters depending on your lighting needs. The flashbox v2.0 is designed to work with either Fotopod Machine v2.08 or the v3.0 “mini” models.

Question: Why do I need a Flashbox if there is a LED ring light built in already?

Answer: The ring light can be used as your “primary” key light.  However, secondary fill lights are highly recommended (see our Tube light  add-on)  Using our proprietary double-layer milk filter design, our continuous LED ring light provides quality “soft” lighting which is an excellent light source for glamorizing your guests, increasing the “live-view” exposure, and for capturing video on the fly.  The ring light bulbs are extremely reliable,  rated to last at least 30,000 hrs.  If you plan on running events outside(sunny) or in extreme dark environments, then YES, the flashbox is the perfect companion.  **Note** You will not need the flashbox add-on if you decide to go with our Option #2 (inflatable booth full professional package) The dynamic 360° LED lighting built into the enclosure is so powerful, flash photography is not necessary.

Fotopod Flash Unit3

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